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Death & Life: The Questions to Your Answers

Death & Life: The Questions to Your Answers
Brand: Insight Training Centre
Product Code: BB0006
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“For death is as sure for that which is born, as birth is for that which is dead … Then what cause is there for grief?” – Bhagavad Gita

Death. We have all heard about it; at times seen it; encountered it in one manner or another. But never yet experienced it on our own skin…In this lifetime.

In this all-time genuine book, the author proffers the reader the privilege of encountering the visceral experience which is connected to our ever-approaching destiny – by consciously stepping into the heart of the mystery of death. If death has featured in its myriad of forms in your life before this moment; if you have faced it yourself; if people from your life have crossed over; if you have witnessed or are currently witnessing it unfolding in front of you; this book my friend, may serve as your lifetime companion. This book is for all who are still living…

This book accordingly serves in:

  • Clarifying differing perspectives on death;
  • Healing our relationship with death, and as such with life;
  • Shifting from fear-based mentality to love-founded humanity;
  • Illuminating insights in relation to burning questions;
  • Explicating the impact of death on children;
  • Defining the five stages of dying;
  • Citing effective manners by which to assist the dying person and the bereaved family;
  • Creating workable and humane approaches to life and death;
  • Exploring Life after Death and Life in-between Lives;
  • Emphasising the importance of emotional release and expression;
  • Offering real-life stories, poems and heartfelt sharing;
  • Linking death to our Life Purpose and Vision;
  • Imparting meaning to life.

Written in unequivocal, accessible language, this book extends to all readers alike the invitation of a once in a lifetime opportunity to work through an aspect of universal relevance to every human being: our own, and others’ mortality – expressed through death. Contained herein, is the wisdom of creating a meaningful, significant relationship with death, and in that resides the prospective seed of living life fully.

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