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Sex: The Fundamental Attraction

Sex: The Fundamental Attraction
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The content of "Sex – The Fundamental Attraction" has become available to me mainly as a result of my direct experience and exposure to many people over the last twenty-two years. During this time, I have had the rare and privileged act of leading personal transformational workshops, which afforded me intimate contact, at a profound level of deep humanness, with a great many people – young and old, men and women – people from all walks of life, from a variety of cultures and places, with different levels of education, and from different types of social background and influences.

In these transformational workshops, those many people have shared with me the many intimate, commonly 'unspoken' aspects of their (sexual) life, through the accounts of their direct experiences. Today we are exposed to sexual information but not to true and meaningful sexual education – education about aspects concerning the importance, the meaning and purpose of Sex.

The book is aiming at answering critical questions such as: What is the fundamental purpose of the domain of sex?  What is 'uncontaminated' sex?  What is the significance of the sexual energy?  Why do human beings have a fundamental attraction to the domain of sex?  What is the connection between the domain of sex and Higher Consciousness?  As such, the book attempts to unlock a deeper and inner knowledge that can reveal some of the mysteries of the sexual domain, and constitutes a true 'Science of Sex'.

The sexual domain has three distinct levels: the physical level concerning reproduction and physical pleasure, the psychological-humanistic level concerning the connection between love, intimacy and sexuality, and the spiritual level, which is the most significant level, concerning the attainment of higher consciousness. It is the physical pleasure attached to the sexual activity that motivates us, in the first place, to seek and engage in sexual encounters.

Yet, this in itself is not the fundamental attraction to the domain of sex. It is the spiritual aspect of the domain of sex, which presents us with the opportunity and manners by which to attain higher consciousness, and thereby enable us to reach and touch on the very depths of our Beingness, the essential Source of our existence.

The widespread prevailing destructive friction between men and women alike – our failure to attain harmonious relationships – underpins the various global political, social, economic and ecological crises afflicting our world today. It is Consciousness, not matter, which is the fundamental reality of the universe.  Therefore, it is Higher Consciousness that can reintegrate the masculine and feminine energies. It is Higher Consciousness that can lead to the transcendence of the current human state, culminating in real regeneration of the pure and harmonious state of Being.

The domain of sex is naturally available to all of humanity.  In transforming our relationship with Sex, from its physical aspect to its spiritual aspect, we can pave the way for the creation of a new humanity, of a peaceful and compassionate humanity, of a more enlightened and meaningful way of being in the world.  This is the aim of Sex – the Fundamental Attraction.

Professor Craig McKenzie, reviewing the book, wrote the following: "This book examines the domain of sex and sexuality in a comprehensive and engaging way.  It sets out to overturn misconceptions about sex – in essence, to free sex and sexuality from centuries of myths, taboos, and distortions, misrepresentation and suppression.  Its aim is to give people an understanding of sexuality that is fresh and liberating, and thereby to allow them to lead a rich and fulfilling sex life."

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