• What do you want in life
  • Who are you authentically
  • do you know what it means to be happy
  • Are you manifesting your vision
  • What is your purpose in life

Integrity Meetings

integrity-eveningsFor those graduates new to the facet of assisting and wishing to be part of this experience, we meet and brief on Sundays prior to Turning Point at 11h00.

Part-timers complete by around 15h30, having been thoroughly briefed on times, dress code, conduct and game facilitation.

Those wishing to join in a Full-Timer capacity are at the Centre until around 18h30 for all the details of the team creation and workshop preparation.

These meetings are open to Workshop Graduates only.

Venue: The Centre Of Light - Insight Training Centre

Physical Address:
Plot 109, Scorpion Trail Street
Kyalami, Johannesburg, 1687
Republic of South Africa

GPS coordinates: S25.9466, E28.03188

Integrity Meetings Time Schedule:

Check our Calendar for the next Integrity Meeting Dates and Times

Transformational Books by Dr. Baruch Banai

  • Sex-Book
  • The Mind
  • Life-Purpose-Book
  • Relationship-with-Relationship-Book
  • Game-of-Life-Book
  • Collection-of-Insights-Book
  • Love-and-Fear-Book
  • Death-Life-Book